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– A personal service by Founder Mark Colwill

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Identifying When You Need Some Help

When it comes to feelings and emotions a lot of men feel that opening up will tarnish their pride. This can lead you to become closed off and distant as feelings are internalised and issues become a larger problem.

When this affects your family and lifestyle it isn’t only your problem anymore but a problem that your loved ones have to deal with as well. This is especially the case when it is a family issue that is bothering you or you start to lose the ability to communicate with your loved ones.

Identifying that there is an issue is the first step to resolving the problem at hand, which professional men’s counselling can help you with. There is no need to fear a discussion about your feelings and problems as you are with your fellow man who understands and lives with life’s challenges.Be free to open up in a confidential, comfortable environment designed to help you overcome the challenges that you face.

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Men's Counselling Services Brisbane | Colwill Counselling

Professional Men’s Counselling Services

– A personal service from Colwill Counselling’s founder Mark Colwill

For many men, it can be very difficult to open up to others. Especially when it comes to sharing inner feelings with those that we love. It is very easy for men to become “closed books” leaving them in the dark and trying to find their own explanations of why they do what they do, or lose focus of the direction they want to take in their lives.

I get that and I know just how difficult and confusing it can be.

My one on one men’s counselling support offers you the ability to open up and share your story with a fellow man.

Being able to talk openly and honestly (in a confidential, open minded and non-judgmental environment) about what’s going on for you can be extremely therapeutic.

I am here to listen to your story and offer my support to help you find self-understanding, and unlock the doors to help you get through your concerns.

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How Does Men’s Counselling Help?

Men’s counselling is very beneficial for resolving issues you are facing about your everyday life whether that be work, relationships or your mental wellbeing. It allows you to figure things out by opening up and discussing the situations that matter to you. Areas of your lifestyle that are improved through men’s counselling include:


When we are closed off to our family and friends, we have already created distance, however this gap can be closed once again. When we are reconnected to ourselves, we start to reconnect to others. Counselling for men allows the chance to self-explore and find the resources and skills needed to re-bond with those in our lives.


When you have concerns about your marriage, it can be very difficult to talk initially to your partner about this. Men have a habit of locking in the problem and often do not know how to approach the situation. Even talking with “mates” is often not an option for fear of wrong advice or embarrassment.

Talk to me as a first step.

Family Life

Being an attentive husband and loving father can seem too hard to ask for sometimes, yet the worst thing you can do is bottle up your emotions until it becomes an issue. Men’s counselling allows you to resolve the issues you are facing in regards to your family so you can become the role model for your children and live happily with the most important people in your life.

Mental State

Getting the big issues off your chest is very beneficial for you emotionally and mentally. Pent up emotions can put a lot of stress on the body and mind making it hard to function in everyday life. Men’s counselling allows you to release those emotions in a secure environment so that you can maintain you peace of mind.

Men's Counselling Services Brisbane | Colwill Counselling
I understand how this can be a very lonely situation for Men.

Colwill Counselling offers the ideal opportunity for men to discuss their lives, their thoughts, their concerns and lends support toward finding resolutions through self-exploration, self-confidence and self-esteem training.

“The first step to receiving an answer is being brave enough to ask the question”
– Albert Einstein

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